Tanisha Laverne Grant

In order to make it to the red carpet, you must know how to manage one. Managing media to conduct interviews in special events such as the Oscars, Grammys, and People’s Choice awards requires special skill, toughness, and patience to establish your niche and place in the world that is social media. Some have become so masterful, that it flourished and catapulted them to stardom and viral notoriety. Today we chat with one such success story, popular celebrities and red-carpet interviewer -Tanisha Laverne Grant. Join us as we talk with Tanisha, Chester PA native and HBCU graduate about the fun she has as well as industry ups and downs. She also shares a life-altering experience that changed the trajectory of her career path and goals. Dr. B & Eddy Gee thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and interaction; surely you will too!