Dr. Brandi Baldwin, PhD.

We all have that mind-thumping experience that changes us. It either changes us for the better or perhaps worse, and in some cases can force us to walk away or quit. Conversely, at the other end of the spectrum, we use that experience to not only change our lives but others as well. Today we get enlightened by Dr. Brandi Baldwin, diversity equity and inclusion (DE&I) guru. “Dr. Brandi” used her life-altering DE&I experience to not only change other’s lives but to become a sought-after influencer who impacts the world. Join Dr. B & Eddy Gee as we get schooled on DE&I by one of the world’s most impactful influencers on the topic. Dr. Brandi’s insights and teachings produce results that are synonymous with the positive social change productive DE&I creates. Dr. Brandi also shares her personal perspectives and tips for succeeding in life in general; this is can’t-miss, real-world, and life-changing fodder that you will enjoy!!!