The mind is most certainly a terrible thing to waste. What is even more terrible is that many of the obstacles to educational advancement for certain people still exist. Despite these obstacles, some, unfortunately not the vast majority persist, persevere, and complete the highest level of education, the “Doctor of Philosophy”. Amazingly, it’s a class that comprises about 2% of the population. Today we chat with two members of a three-author team: Ed Ds Emerald Templeton and Onda Johnson (Ed D Bridgett Love was unable to attend) who penned “Evaluating Marginalized Voices in Academe: Lessons for a New Generation of Scholars”. This book is a collaboration chronicling the experiences of minorities who have navigated the topography of completing the highest level of academia. Listen in as Ed Ds Templeton and Johnson share their experiences, accomplishments, and views that led them to develop this memoir. This is a remarkably interesting conversation that you do not want to miss.