African American Royalty is a rare commodity.  Most of us see “The Obama(s)” as modern-day African American Royalty.  However, nothing was built in a day.  Fortunately, we get to live and thrive in a society that, though not perfect is the living result of toil, strife, and struggle endured by our ancestors.  Perhaps the most influential and storied trailblazer in African American History is Mary McLeod Bethune.   Her accomplishments are groundbreaking and are foundational to our existence as a Nation-State.  Today we chat with someone who not only knows her story but continues to live it.  Dr. Evelyn Bethune- her granddaughter, an influence in her own right, chats with Dr. Benson and Eddy G about her “G” Mom’s legacy, and her book “Bethune; Out of the Darkness into the Light of Freedom”.