Historically Black Colleges & Universities or HBCUs are a hidden treasure for talented, motivated, and innovative young professionals. This is because they hail from different areas and diverse backgrounds, and most importantly they are able to interact and mingle with everyone. Today we chat with one of those successes;¬† Chester, PA’s own Byron “BJ”¬†Johnson.¬†

BJ, a Chester native and HBCU graduate shares his story of how he hustled and persevered to become one of the top cosmetologists in the entertainment industry. His tenacity, personality, and determination propelled him to be the trusted, personal barber for Mega Entertainment Icon Tyler Perry.  He also functions as the on-set stylist for several TV shows and movies.   BJ has also developed his own grooming products that he shares with us,  join us as the self-proclaimed and dubbed “Cosmetologicalentrepreneur” updates us on what he’s been up to.  Tune in, he’ll get your attention.